Death Tide resized

Incoming nuclear missiles, murder and addiction... can love and Paradise survive?

When a false civil defense alert warns of a nuclear missile on its way to Hawaii, life as they know it, is about to end. Jessica’s and her sister, Pua’s lives are about to change. In a chain of events, Pua is charged with murder. Her only hope is Jessica, who must prove her innocence... or face life in prison.

In the midst of the chaos, Sam battles his own life sentence... the demons of opiate addiction. Once in control of his life, the billionaire now finds himself spiraling downward, a slave to his cravings.
In spite of his money and power, this a fight he may not be able to win.

Torn between saving her sister, or the love of her life, Jessica must face a hard truth and the dilemma of choosing to save... only one.
A story of second chances, relationships and life or death consequences.

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