Draegon's Lair - Medieval Romance

Draegon's Lair is the 2009 Epic Award Winner for Best Historical Romance.Alys de Monceux runs from her betrothed, the cruel and abusive Bastion of Worthingshire. She had run from him before and was flogged in her efforts. This time she cannot fail. This time there is more at stake than her own life. Death would be preferable than returning to the man she fears.Draegon of Greystone lives a reclusive life. Beneath hood and helm, he hides a face he is sure others will fear. Only his good friend, Diminimis, has seen him without cover. Draegon is content in his world of shadows, or so he believes until he rescues a wounded Alys from a band of pursuers. Soon he realizes the truth of living in hell--his hell--as he watches others from afar, never interacting. Suddenly he yearns for a love he is unworthy of. He knows this, but how can he convince her of his unworthiness? This spirited and persistent woman who believes him to be more than what he is.Two wounded souls thrust together by fate. Can a strong and binding love save them from the powerful lord who would destroy them both?
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