Dream of the Archer - Medieval Time Travel

Damian’s loyalty to King Richard and Robyn Hode marks him an outlaw. A label he cares naught about. All he wants is the return of his lands and revenge on the brother of Nottingham’s Sheriff for the horrific death of his betrothed. He will not risk another such loss. Damian has vowed to love none but the angel in his dreams. She, he can love. She was not real.Cast back in time to 1192 Sherwood Forest, Lenore wants only to get back home to the future where she can ponder how to raise enough money to pay the taxes on the ranch she’d inherited from her grandfather.However, when Damian rescues Lenore from the Woodward and his men and his dreams become reality, even the best laid plans can fall asunder. Both know a union between them will only lead to heartache and death. But the attraction is too great to resist. Some things are worth dying for.

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