Faerie Dust - Romantic Fantasy

All the fae know it is forbidden to bond with a human, but Alasdair has bonded with 5-year-old Sachi as a father to a daughter. Fae prince or not, he will do all in his power to prevent her from being tithed to hell, even should it mean the fae will lose eternal life.Four years after her infant daughter's death, Leisa still mourns. Raising her 5-year-old niece doesn't help the healing process either. Though she loves Sybil dearly, her sweet niece is a constant reminder of her loss. Just when Leisa is sure the hurt is finally passing to memory, she discovers the man she recently met digging up her daughter's grave. The pain is acute. His reason is unbelieveable. But she will follow him to the ends of the earth if it will bring her daughter back.
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