Poodle Skirts

No More Poodle Skirts by Genie Gabriel takes you on a metaphoric roller coaster ride with Daphne Madison a widowed woman of twenty years who had been transport back to the1950's in a time-machine invented by Horace Ainsworth to help cope with her anguish and poor esteem after losing her husband. When Daphne returns to the present time and her hometown of Watermark, Madelaine (Maddie) Ainsworth lets her stay at the Ainsworth home, which resembles a castle. Daphne assists Maddie, along with a collage of homeless people and families living at a homeless shelter, paint a mural on an outside wall of the shelter's building.

Harrowing events occur for the despondent widower that may change her feeling of worthlessness, hopefully catapulting her out of a self-made mental hole. Is it possible she'll meet a man who can change her dismal attitude to one of hope filled with amorous feelings?

The cast of characters are memorable and real. An enjoyable literary ride of hope and redemption.


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