Hollywood. 1933. Your name is James Murray. You are the junior screenwriter at a major Hollywood movie studio. You always wanted to be a writer and your first novel was a surprise success. Suddenly, you find yourself trying to figure out what’s behind a series of “accidents” plaguing various productions -- including the new film "King Kong." Can you solve the mystery before it's too late?"Sabotage at RKO Studio" is two novels in one: two parallel stories, featuring two heroes, working two mysteries in two different versions of 1930s Hollywood. Join James and his alter ego as they each try to find the saboteur. Follow the twists and turns until the final scene at a glamorous Hollywood movie premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre."Sabotage at RKO Studio" is the second of the James Murray Mysteries, following "Murder at Eastern Columbia," wherein James and his alter ego try to find who killed the girl with sorrel-colored hair.
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