All this and more in TANS: She talked to the girl in Vietnamese and gave her a key. The young woman looked at me rather shyly and motioned for me to follow. We went together down another hall and stopped at a bedroom door. She unlocked it and beckoned me to come in. -from "The Boy Soldier & The Prostitute", by Gary Lorentzen The rope gave a couple of jerks before Ole got back, and there was a bunch of Okinawan fishermen cheering him on. He increased his speed, which didn't seem possible. You would have thought he was trying out for the shell singles in the Olympics.-from "SGT Olsen Goes Fishing", by Hal CastleBa-da-boomp bang, Ba-da-boomp bang, Ba-da-boomp bang! went the tires of the jeep and trailer as we bounced over the dead men. "Haw haw" exclaimed the Sergeant as he stomped the brake peddle and skidded to a halt in a cloud of dust. -from "Close Calls" by Dave Parks. The males were pretty horny and would try to screw anything, each other, tent poles, legs, trees, everything but the female. Everybody was kind of bummed out about that, millions of goats in the world and we had to get the two queer ones.-from "Goat Stories", by Don CollinsAmazon Print Purchase Link
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