The Case of the Displaced Detective: At Speed

Having already aborted one attempt to sabotage Project: Tesseract by an unknown spy ring,Sherlock Holmes — now up to speed in his new life, in a new century, and a new spacetimecontinuum — and Dr. Skye Chadwick — world-class hyperspatial physicist as well as Holmes’liaison and new “Watson” — face the next challenge. How do they find and arrest the members of this diabolical spy ring when they do not even know what the ring is trying to accomplish? And how can they do it when Skye is recovering from no less than two nigh-fatal wounds?Further complicating matters is their relationship itself. For the ups and downs in the relationship between Holmes and Chadwick are due to something more than the occasional clash of demanding, eccentric personalities. Chadwick has already long since acknowledged to herself that she has fallen in love with Holmes. Knowing his predilection for eschewing matters of the heart, however, she struggles to hide it, in order to maintain the friendship they DO have, preferring said friendship to total alienation. Holmes also feels attraction — but fights it tooth and nail, refusing to admit to the fact, even to himself. After all, it is not merely Skye’s work that the spies may be after — but her life as well. Having already lost Watson to the vagaries of spacetime, could he endure losing another companion?Can they work out the intricacies of their relationship? Can they determine the reason the spy ring is after the tesseract? And — most importantly — can they stop it?Book 2 of the Displaced Detective series.
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