The Life Line

Take three men and two women, add one concrete underwater tunnel, shake vigorously with a major earthquake and you have the makings of "The Life Line" -- a novel of survival. Here is the story of mass-transit-system president Tom Mortinsen and his girlfriend Karen Miller -- set to marry each other but for reasons other than love; construction supervisor Christian Stevens and his girlfriend Karen Miller -- who say they love each other but stay together for a very different reason; and TV news reporter Steven Cavanaugh and his girlfriend Karen Miller -- is this really love? Starting to sense a pattern here? So is brilliant journalist Barbara Harris, determined to ride a big story all the way to the top. Set in San Francisco sometime in the near future "The Life Line" has everything: life and death, love and hate, blood and devastation -- yet remains an uplifting story of hope in the face of adversity. Really. Just ask Barbara: "He's right. Come with me and let me tell you a story...."
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