Greetings Book Town residents, the Deputy Mayor and I have come up with
a summer promotion that will shine the spotlight on our authors while
increasing member participation and promoting our bookstore. The best
part about this exciting new program is that it's FREE! Beginning this
week and ending the week of Labor day we will monitor members activity
for contributions to Book Town. Out of the top five contributors we will select our
members Book of the Week. The book of the week will be featured
here on Book Town and on My Space as well as Face Book. It will also be
linked to our bookstore.

We will consider just about anything as a contribution. Here is the list.

1. Add a blog post to Book Town (not a link to your site)
2. Add an Event (an event is anywhere where you will be appearing this year)
3. Add photos
4. Add book trailers (please only add trailers from your work only)
5. Place a Book town button on your website, blog, Myspace, or Facebook
page and e-mail the Mayor the location of the button. The button can
be found by clicking the link to our Book Town Book Store.
6. Write a review of one (or more) of our members novels.
7. Join one of our a groups.
8. Invite new authors to join. (send me a brief message so that I will know who to credit)
9. Buy a book from our book store - NOT MANDATORY (send me a brief message so that I will know who to credit)
10.Purchase an ad to promote your novel - NOT MANDATORY
11. Add comments to member post
12. Add friends
13. Join our Internet Blog at:

In fairness to our members you can only win once. Good luck to all of our residents.

Our link to Facebook

Experience the power of Book Town.

The Mayor