Free Books Anyone?

I will be updating my entire page soon here on Book Town. I have a new publisher and all my book covers have changed, as well as much information.

In the meantime, my publisher believes in giving FREE eBooks to help authors gain readership - and a few reviews too. I have two book on free promotion right now and another coming up on Sunday. You just need to follow the link and download it. Again, we do this to get reviews as well. If you review my book, please let me know. I believe in reciprocation whenever ever possible, although Amazon should never know it's a recip.

Free till tomorrow Thursday 1/10 The Howling Cliffs - Sara Mason Mysteries Book Two (Many readers buy River Bones - Book One at the same time, and so they get two books for the price of one and can follow the series.)

Free till Sunday 1/13 - Off Center in the Attic - 30 Over the Top short stories and flash fiction. 

Happy reading!