Joker's Wild

If you like suspense, the Death Wish series or The Equalizer, you’ll enjoy this ride (motorcycle) on the road towards getting even, getting due justice. The reader gets into the head of a devastated protagonist, Joey Palmer, and the unjustified and tragic death of his brother, Alex Palmer. The Alex Palmer vs. Corey Rigby wrongful death suit favored the defendant, who was now an innocent man in the eyes of the judicial court system. But those “eyes” seemed to be tainted, as the scales of justice leaned toward the guilty defendant, Corey Rigby, a Hollywood star.
Get on you motorcycle and ride toward the truth, revenge and hopefully resolution in the novel, Joker’s Wild.
C.L. Kramer’s characters were dynamic and real intertwined with a believable plot and taking the reader to a climatic ending. I rated it Five Stars/G.L. Didaleusky, author of mystery/suspense novels.