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This week's chapter.

SUICIDE BOMB continues! A new chapter posts to Patreon on May 28, 2019 at midnight EST. If you're a subscriber, you can read it HERE!

Join us on Patreon for this and other exclusives. Subscriptions start as low as $1. $5 a month gets you into the book of the month club.

In this chapter of Suicide Bomb: While Jacks deals with a family matter, Agent Patterson and Detective Walker question their suspects. Are they sitting face to face with The Controller? Meanwhile, Secretary if Defense Conrad puts pressure on Secret Service Director McHenry to solve the case before The Controller strikes again.
Suicide Bomb is a Patreon exclusive serialized novel by Bobby Nash and published by BEN Books.
As always, your support is appreciated.

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The countdown continues... The latest chapter of Suicide Bomb has been released at

This Patreon exclusive serialized novel chronicles DC Metro Homicide Detective Catherine Jackson and Secret Service Agent Samantha Patterson teaming up to track down a malicious killer who has developed a way to turn anyone into a killer. Can they stop him before he triggers the next killer? New chapters debut every Tuesday at and for as little as $1, $3, or $5 a month, you can unlock this novel and more. 

Join us today!
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Death on Tyneside - Review by Martha A. Cheves


"You want to be involved in solving this murder case.  Hasn't it sunk in yet how close you came to being murdered yourself, the last time you poked your nose into a murder inquiry?"

"Alan, I know I very nearly got myself killed a few months ago."  Agnes took his arm and they restarted their walk down the corridor.  "But I got through that.  Look at me.  I'm still here - alive and well, and ready to be involved in this case.  If the body had been found by someone else, then I might have stayed out of it.  Might,"  she repeated, wagging her finger at him.  "But it wasn't.  It was found by me.  And now I want to see it through."  She stopped walking and swung around in front of him.  "Alan, please, I need to see this through."

Agnes Lockwood has returned to Tyneside after spending a few weeks visiting her sons in Australia.  This is where she was from and the ties were pulling her back.  Or was it Chief Inspector Alan Johnson who was connected to those ties?  The two had gone to school together and Alan had always had a crush on her.  Now, after marriages and many years, they met again and Alan finds his feelings are still there and stronger than ever.  


In her first visit, she and Alan had eaten dinner and were walking back to her hotel when they found a body laying on the sidewalk.  The investigation into this murder almost got Agnes killed.  Now she's back and finds herself in the middle of yet another murder.


I've read everything Eileen Thornton has written and must say that she grabs me from the beginning and all the way through to the end.  She fills her writings with twists and turns that keep you guessing and flipping the pages to see what happens next.  I love her work and can't wait for Book 3 of the Agnes Lockwood Mysteries.


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On Friday, May 3rd, join me at the first annual TigerCon 2019 at Tucker High School in Tucker, GA (1:30 - 5:30) The event is open to students only from 1:30 - 3:30 then open to the public from 3:30 - 5:30. 

I will be on a panel at 4:30 called Breathing Life into Your Main Character with Violette Meier, Carrier Tupper, and Jason Beyer. Please, stop by and say hello. 

I hope to see you there.

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Big congratulations to the winners of The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards, including my friend, Mark Maddox, who once again took home the prestigious Artist of the Year award. Congratulations, pal. You get to be the guy all the other horror artists are aiming to beat next year! Proud of ya, pal!

See all of The Rondo winners HERE.

If you don't know Mark Maddox's work, definitely check out and his posts on social media.

Mark's work has been on a couple of my covers including Evil Ways and ESO Tales of the Station Vol. 1, He also drew the cover for the upcoming Strong Will graphic novel I co-wrote with Michael Gordon.

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My Life for Her - Review by Martha A. Cheves


With so many commuters bustling about, it was difficult to catch sight of the supposed drug dealer, but Tex spotted him as he slipped onto the train at the last minute.  As Rob followed him to the seats closest to the front door, Tex lowered his voice to a whisper and said, "That dude's either a crooked cop or a member of the cartel.  Worse, I think he's onto us.  We've gotta get rid of him, before our cover's blown."

Rob looked toward the rear of the car.  "Yeah, the dude gives me a bad feeling too."

Tex was silent as the attendant came around to check their tickets, but then he whispered, "Listen, Doc, if he comes into this car, we'll get up and head to the one in front.  You go through the door first, and I'll wait for him behind it."

"Then what?" Rob asked.

"Then... Well, I think I can handle it from there," Tex said with a grin.


Rob Marrino, is a 31 year old Vietnam Vet who is now a Pikeville, NJ policeman.  Life has had its up and downs as he and his wife Beth Anne deal with wartime memories and paranoia.  They have settled down quite well with Beth Anne working at the hospital while their two children are in school.  Then the bottom falls out when Rob does a high speed chase with a car that not only contains 2 Colombian drug runners but more drugs than the Pikeville police have ever seen.  It gets even worse when one of the  dealers is shot and killed with the surviving one promising Rob that he will pay for his interference.  Those words come back to haunt him when his worse nightmare comes true and he, along with a fellow Vet, end up in Columbia. 


This book is so intent!  It's filled with action and narrow escapes.  I would like to see this one made into a "Made for TV Movie." 

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It's always a great time when I visit with my buddies on the Earth Station One podcast. This week, I stopped by to talk all things Hellboy.

Give it a listen HERE.



The Earth Station One Podcast – Hellboy Movie Review

Listen up, ladies and gentlemen! Out there is a fifth-century sorceress who wants to bring down the curtain on London and the world. Time to unleash the big red beast with the mean right hook. Mike, Mike, the award-winning author Bobby Nash, and Brett Allan investigate the new entry in the Hellboy franchise. Plus, the Misbehavin’ Maidens tout their new album, “Swearing Is Caring.” All this, along with Ashley’s Box Office Buzz, Angela’s Geek Girl Take, Michelle’s Iconic Rock Moments, Kahn Report, and Shout Outs!

Earth Station One wants to hear from you. Please write us at Feedback is always welcome, and please subscribe and rate the show up on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, or wherever fine podcasts are found.

Table of Contents

0:00:00 Show Open

0:16:58 Ashley’s Box Office Buzz

0:19:14 Chat with the Misbehavin’Maidens About New Kickstarter

0:38:44 Hellboy Movie Review

1:22:42 A Geek Girl’s Take

1:26:54 The Khan Report

1:30:31 Show Close

Listen to The Earth Station One Podcast episode 468 – Hellboy Movie Review  HERE.

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Big congrats to all involved with the Tales of the Interstellar Bartenders Guild, the winner of the Pulp Factory Award for Best Anthology tonight at the Windy City Pulp and Paper con. It was an honor to be part of this award-winning book that was published by Pro Se Productions. 

Learn more about the Tales of the Interstellar Bartenders Guild book HERE.

From Pro Se Productions about the win: Tales of the Interstellar Bartenders Guild wins the Pulp Factory Award for Best Anthology! Congratulations to Pro Se Productions, all the writers, and especially Aubrey Stephens for creating the concept. And Stuart Bergman, the person who sparked the whole discussion that led to this book, you were remembered and you are missed, Shorty.
Congratulations to all involved.








The Future. Humanity has spread through the galaxy, along with innumerable other races and creatures. In the thousands of solar systems that men have reached you’ll find monarchies, dictatorships, anarchies, utopia, dystopia, and utter chaos. But one slightly stumbling thread weaves through every world, every society– The Interstellar Bartenders Guild.As man took the leap out it seems that bartenders had something to do with it. These are stories of how they provided the shove for said leap. There are fistfights, love and lust, exotic bars, drunks, and a Guild Master with a mystery. Most of all you’ll find people- good, bad, lost, found, and somewhere in the middle. Mankind has grasped the stars but the problems that have been around since a thousand year ago are still with them a thousand years from now. Good thing they have the Bartenders of the Guild to help them solve their problems. Sometimes you run into people who change your life for the best even while at their worst, regardless of what star you are circling. Those people are called Bartenders.TALES OF THE INTERSTELLAR BARTENDERS GUILD. From Pro Se Productions.


Tales of the Interstellar Bartenders Guild features stories by authors Aubrey Stephens, Morgan McKay, H. Blalock, Dale Kesterson, Kimberly Richardson, R. L. Jones, Herika Raymer, J. H. Fleming, Tommy Hancock, Bobby Nash, Robert J. Krog, Terry Alexander, and Phillip Drayer Duncan.


TALES OF THE INTERSTELLAR BARTENDERS GUILD is now available for purchase at the following:

Amazon US (paperback)

Amazon UK (paperback)

Amazon CA (paperback)

Amazon US (ebook)

Amazon UK (ebook)

Amazon CA (ebook)

You can also read this title for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.


Bobby's story in this anthology collection is called Ol' Jake. Ol’ Jake was not unique in the galaxy. Stop by any bar at any of the planets along the galactic arm the locals referred to as the Antares Beltway and you’ll find Ol’ Jake there. He’ll be the one behind the bar, slinging drinks and entertaining the guests. He might not always look the same-- and sometimes he might actually be a she or an it depending on your destination-- but at the core, each and every one of them is ‘Ol Jake. Ol’ Jake was an android barkeep and this is his story. Well, one of them at least.

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The Haunted Heist - Angie Fox, Author


The Haunted Heist - Review by Martha A. Cheves

Frankie had the power to show me the supernatural world.  With his help, I'd been able to see and interact with some of the ghosts here in town.  We'd saved my house; we'd solved a murder.  Two of them, actually.  We'd made some positive changes in Sugarland, not that he cared about helping anyone but himself.  And I had been trying to free him.  It was just that nothing had worked yet.

So who is this Frankie that has the power to take Verity Long into the supernatural?  Why is she trying to free him and from what?  These are just some of the fun questions that you can find the answers to by reading the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries Series.  I will tell you that Frankie lives in a trash can and Verity lives in a house she inherited from her grandmother.  But the fun part was learning how Frankie ended up in the trash can and why Verity is living in a house with no furnishings.

From the very first two books in this series - Southern Spirits and The Skeleton in the Closet, I found myself caught up in the suspense of a murder with a touch of humor.  I've laughed at the very odd pet that lives with Verity and how Frankie tends to get her into trouble in a world that most would never dream of visiting.  I feel for her as she struggles to make ends meet after her almost mother-in-law took everything away from her.  I feel joy for her as her feelings for Ellis grow.  And I hold my breath as she risks her own life to bring justice to those who need it.  This is a series that I hope will never end and I'm really looking forward to reading Book 4 in the series - Deader Homes & Gardens.

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My table is all set up and ready for SC Comicon tomorrow in Greenville, SC. 

I hope to see you there. 








Check out the SNOW lights. Clever, huh? I hope they are real attention getters.



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The Mystery Behind Artifact Theft

Ancient American artifacts are being sold to the highest bidder. When an ancient ruin is discovered, it doesn’t take long for thieves to find out about it.

In one of my blog posts, I wrote about the challenge of writing mysteries. This time we're going to talk about the mystery behind artifact theft. Archaeological thievery is becoming more and more of a problem every year but Utah’s vandalism is the worst in the country. Theft at the Four Corners area of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona is still a big problem. The damage to these sites is estimated at almost $42,000 in two year’s time. An ancient funeral pit can be sold for as high as sixty thousand dollars on the black market, not to mention pottery, baskets, and pendants found by looters.

To read more, visit

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Who's stalking Negative Man?

Who is that not-so-subtle government agent following Negative Man in Doom Patrol episode 2? You see him back there with the sunglasses, watching ever so closely? Can he be trusted? Who does he work for? Why does he seem so familiar? (hint: he's me) Should DC have him appear again? (the answer to that last one is a big ol' YES!)

Thanks to Earth Station DCU podcast host Drew Leiter for sharing the screen capture. I haven't been able to watch yet. Speaking of ESDCU, I'll be on their show next week talking Snow Falls, which was just released as an audio book as well as my appearance in this episode.

I'm not in the last photo, but this was the location. I'm standing beside the bus on the right.


#DoomPatrol #DC #DCStreaming #NegativeMando

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NASH NEWS FOR MARCH (a little early)...

The latest NASH NEWS email newsletter is going out to subscribers tonight. We're getting an early jump on March so newsletter subscribers can take advantage of the contests and sales currently running for Earthstrike AgendaDeadly Games!, and Snow Falls

Not a subscribers? No worries, my friend. Signing up is easy and painless. 
Just fill out the form HERE and you're in the club!

Have a great weekend!

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Six years ago, Police Detective John Bartlett and journalist Benjamin West were instrumental in the capture of a notorious criminal mastermind. Their story played out in the media, rocketing both Bartlett and West into local celebrity status.

That was then.

They thought they had put their game playing days behind them, but now, their hated enemy has returned with a brand-new deadly game where the stakes are life and death for not only Bartlett and West, but for all those Darrin Morehouse felt betrayed him. It is a long list and Detective Bartlett's name tops it. With time running out and an army of killers on their trail, it is up to Bartlett and West to win this game. The cost of losing is death.

Deadly Games! is a fast-paced action/thriller featuring action, suspense, murder, and the occasional gunfire from award-winning author Bobby Nash.

BEN Books is making Bobby Nash’s DEADLY GAMES! available on Kindle for $2 off suggested retail price in February at Amazon US and Amazon UK. As always, you can read this, and other BEN Books releases for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

John Bartlett and Benjamin West will return in DEADLY DEALS!
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I Wonder...


Wonder Woman commission for a customer who picked up a Bobby's Big Box O' Books Bundle. I figure you can't go wrong with playing 'bullets and bracelets' although there are a whole lot of unnecessary lines on her new costume. 

Want to get a sketch of your own, 7 autographed books, and a DVD? Or, do you know someone else who might enjoy this as a gift? Hit up Bobby's Big Box O' Books Bundle HERE.


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I wrote a thing and you can read it too.

Author Adam C. Mitchell invited me to participate in a guest blog on his site. In Part 1 of this 4 part blog tour, we take a look at the public domain and how a new century injected new life into these classic characters. 


Part 2 debuts next week.
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Join me LIVE on Wednesday, February 13th at 9:00 pm EST (I'll be on around 9:15 or so) as I visit the Star Chamber radio show, episode 151. It will be a great time. Join us live HERE! You can also participate in the chat room as maybe they'll ask me your questions as well.

From the Star Chamber site: Award-winning author Bobby Nash will be entering the Star Chamber this Wednesday at 9pm EST for a visit with co-hosts Michael West and Daniel Dark! A writer of novels, comic books, short stories, novellas, graphic novels, an occasional screenplay, Bobby is a prolific writer who is a favorite on the convention circuit! This episode will explore his various spheres of writing, the challenges of indie authors today, running a successful Patreon page, his acting appearances in many TV and film projects, and much more!

Participate in the live chat room during the show, as we always take comments and questions from there! Get ready for another great Star Chamber Show episode! This week's show page link can be found at

I hope you'll join us live.


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I'm often asked why I promote my books as much as I do. This recent NY Times article might shed some light on the answer. Does it pay to be a writer? Sometimes the answer is no. A timely article for me since I've recently been screwed out of pay by a publisher and a bookstore where I did a signing.

I'm not looking for pity or encouragement here. Just sharing the article. However, if you'd like to buy a book or three, that would be cool too. :)


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