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Trinity Comics has announced audio books coming soon, including Sanderson of Metro written by Bobby Nash and Frank Dirscherl. Look for it late 2019, possibly early 2020. Stay tuned.

Sanderson of Metro is currently available in paperback and hardcover.
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Just a rough mockup...but you get the idea.

In regards to yesterday's announcement...I have the narrator lined up, he'll be reading/creating the entire Wraith Adventures series of books into audiobook format (over a period of time), starting with THE WRAITH (hopefully to be released sometime this year). SANDERSON OF METRO will follow, then the rest of the series in chronological order.

Now, these will be available online on Audible, Amazon and the like, but will also be available to purchase via the Trinity Comics website on CD. I will try and get these into some public libraries as well.

Just some more Wraithly excitement coming your way from Trinity Comics in 2019 and beyond :D

Learn more about Sanderson of Metro below.


A novel featuring The Wraith by Frank Dirscherl and Bobby Nash

Two masters of the superhero pulp fiction world, Frank Dirscherl and Bobby Nash, have come together to tell this tale, the NEVER before told origin of the first Wraith/Paul Sanderson, as only they could.

Witness to the original Sanderson's early childhood, the emptiness in his soul, his yearning for meaning in his life, his finding it in the wilds of Africa and coming face-to-face with the man who would one day become his greatest nemesis. And finally, how he was endowed with the awesome powers of the Eyes of Judgment, becoming the very first Wraith Dread Avenger of the Underworld.

This action packed, atmospheric thrill ride could only be told now and could only be told by master storytellers like Dirscherl and Nash. An epic, never to be repeated and not to be missed.

SANDERSON OF METRO is now available for purchase at the following:

Lulu (hardcover)

Amazon (paperback)

Lulu (paperback)

Barnes and Noble (paperback)

Amazon UK (paperback)

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Free Books Anyone?

I will be updating my entire page soon here on Book Town. I have a new publisher and all my book covers have changed, as well as much information.

In the meantime, my publisher believes in giving FREE eBooks to help authors gain readership - and a few reviews too. I have two book on free promotion right now and another coming up on Sunday. You just need to follow the link and download it. Again, we do this to get reviews as well. If you review my book, please let me know. I believe in reciprocation whenever ever possible, although Amazon should never know it's a recip.

Free till tomorrow Thursday 1/10 The Howling Cliffs - Sara Mason Mysteries Book Two (Many readers buy River Bones - Book One at the same time, and so they get two books for the price of one and can follow the series.)

Free till Sunday 1/13 - Off Center in the Attic - 30 Over the Top short stories and flash fiction. 

Happy reading!

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My first convention appearance of 2019 is less than 2 weeks away! Join me and a host of incredibly talented guests at the 2019 Huntsville Comic Con on January 18 - 19 at the Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment on 2211 Seminole Dr. in Huntsville, AL.
I will also be hosting a writing workshop called "LEARN HOW TO GET PUBLISHED" on Friday, January 18th from 3 - 4:30 pm. You can sign up for this exclusive Publishing Workshop at
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Short Stories From The Spiral Galaxy - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat, Think With Your Taste Buds; A Book and A Dish


Terror On Telderan 


Rayna took a deep breath and lifted her head slowly.  "earlier I told you that as High Ruler I only have access to an astral-numerologist however, the Grand Apex has been told by the Oracle that Rotart's attempt to terra form Telderan will have catastrophic results.  The planet will spiral out of control then ultimately out of this galaxy and...onward...toward the Milky Way Galaxy.  It will eventually rip through space and smash directly into your beloved planet Earth."

Murder on the Eros Star 

The Eros Star is an entertainment and pleasure ship that travels throughout the galaxy.  Jada was working a case on the Eros Star.  When she got close to solving it someone pumped poisonous gas into her quarters.  She was alive but sedated.  The doctor feels that she will be ok but he is not 100% certain and the assailant is still on the loose.

Intergalactic detective Da'Quan was on his way to the yearly Festival of Life on the Planet of Lazon when he received word that his assistant Jada had undergone an attempt on her life.  With his plans now changed, Da'Quan   speeds to the Eros Star to not only find the perpetrator before he tried again and succeeded. 

Planet of Doom 

Da'Quan is an Intergalactic Detective. His ship (the Spirit) crashes on the planet Akanon aka The Planet of Doom. Actually, his ship was forced down by a race of deranged androids who are about to go out into the galaxy and take over. Da'Quan meets up the town's people on an island (the androids are afraid of water). The locals help Da'Quan repair his ship but he needs to go to the big city where the crazy androids are to get spare parts. There is another problem. Da'Quan sent out a distress signal right before the crash so his assistant Jada is on her way and he has no way to communicate with her, no way to warn her about the beam the androids used to drag his and hundreds of other ships to crash on the surface. Da"Quan eventually finds a way to use their weapon against them. 

These stories take you right up to the events that take place as earth goes into destruction and the plight its people take to survive on other planets.  You’ll be introduced to new aliens and discover they too have crime, law and order and a force to enforce these laws.  They kept me spell bound and holding my breath all the way through as I’m sure they will you too.

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IMPORTANT NEWS: Book Town is Upgrading

Hello BookTown Residents!
In 2009 we created a community to bring independent, self-published authors together.  Over the years we've accomplished that mission in a way that truly helps authors connect with each other and their readers.  The information and friendships formed over our social media platforms are rich with ways to promote your work and create new ways to reach your audience.
This message is to let you know we plan on continuing our site in bigger and better ways.  Join us in welcoming  Our network of authors has grown to over 1,600 members strong.  So please head over to the new website reset your password by clicking (forgot password) enter the e-mail address you use to log into Ning (the old BookTown site) and enter a new password.
You will also receive an e-mail from the new site with another message so please keep an eye on your spam folders.
We were able to migrate mostly everything prior to 11/10/2017.  So if you have anything you would like to copy over to the new site please do so by Christmas.  
On Christmas, we will say goodbye to the Ning platform and hello to our own website.
If there are any questions please e-mail the Mayor or Deputy Mayor at and be sure to friend us when you transfer over to the new site.  Please tell your author friends, your small press publisher, your illustrator, etc. 
More information and wonderful changes are coming soon so stay tuned. 
Thank you for sticking with us
The Mayor
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George Eliot's "Middlemarch" -- Yesterday and Today 

Surely most everyone who's come in contact with the novels of George Eliot knows that the author's real name was Mary Ann Evans. She was one of the most distinguished writers in a remarkable group of 19th century novelists. A lot of her high standing comes from "Middlemarch", a long, comprehensive story set in a small city in early 19th century England.

I'm more than halfway through listening to an audiobook of this novel, read with warmth and countless nuances by Juliet Stevenson, who's known for her work in films. I've not heard or read the novel in full before. Some authorities say it's the greatest one in English. Since there are quite a number of good novels in English, I wouldn't award top prize to any of them. But "Middlemarch" certainly deserves an honored place, in a class by itself.

  • It's the work of a mature mind that investigates many aspects of middle class urban life.
  • I especially noticed and appreciated the balance between male and female characters, a feature in many 19th century novels. One gender isn't more important to society than the other.
  • Eliot was a highly-skilled writer. The word-pictures she drew of Middlemarch seem true and lifelike. She didn't mock her characters or look down on them from the height of a great artist. Her work is filled with a spirit of care and compassion.
  • A hallmark of the realistic novel is that decisions and actions have consequences. Dorothea Brooke marries an older man, a clergyman and scholar who works on a time-consuming project that's surrounded by an aura of failure. Mr. Casaubon turns out to be a different sort of man from the generous-hearted thinker Dorothea, with her youthful trustingness, had imagined. Disappointed, she finds that marriage has become a duty that's burdensome to carry out.    
  • Eliot understood her people through and through. There are no one-dimensional souls amnog the dozen or so major characters in "Middlemarch". She portrays weaknesses along with strengths.  
  • "Middlemarch" is huge, well-paced and well-thought-out, thorough, and within the reach of most everyone who knows English. 
I wondered what conditions are necessary to create a novel like this one. Eliot must have known that a few at least among her contemporaries would appreciate the results of her efforts. She must have had good work habits and a steady mind that could envision a big work and carry it through to completion. It's a good bet that she was skilled at ignoring distractions.

If she'd lived today and had the same talents and ambitions, she would have found the strength to resist the blandishments of our materialistic way of life. She might say, "Go away, temptation. I have a picture in my mind of the kind of book I want to write. I'll do whatever it takes to get it done. Thousands of readers will prefer the story I'm going to tell to the flashy works that temporarily attract attention."

My present-day version of George Eliot isn't as boastful as she sounds. Surveying the current scene, she realizes -- most important of all -- that modesty of mind, humility before the wonder of life is a creative person's greatest asset. That's where steadiness, persistence, fresh ideas, and clarity of mind come from.  
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I am thrilled to share the news that my latest novel, a collaboration with author and friend, Frank Dirscherl called Sanderson of Metro is now available for purchase in both paperback and hardcover editions. Published by Trinity Comics []. SANDERSON OF METRO is now available for purchase at the following:
Amazon (paperback):
Lulu (paperback):
Lulu (hardcover):
More to come...

Sanderson of Metro tells the origin story of Frank's character, Paul Sanderson, the man who eventually becomes known as The Wraith: Dread Scourge of the Underworld. The Wraith has previously appeared in comic books, novels, and even a movie. Sanderson of Metro is the first step in a The Wraith relaunch. It was an honor to be invited to play with Frank's characters and to work with Frank again. The last time we were on a project together was Lance Star: Sky Ranger vol. 1 back in 2006. I hope I did Paul Sanderson and The Wraith justice.

A novel featuring The Wraith by Frank Dirscherl and Bobby Nash

Two masters of the superhero pulp fiction world, Frank Dirscherl and Bobby Nash, have come together to tell this tale, the NEVER before told origin of the first Wraith/Paul Sanderson, as only they could. Witness to the original Sanderson's early childhood, the emptiness in his soul, his yearning for meaning in his life, his finding it in the wilds of Africa and coming face-to-face with the man who would one day become his greatest nemesis. And finally, how he was endowed with the awesome powers of the Eyes of Judgment, becoming the very first Wraith Dread Avenger of the Underworld. This action packed, atmospheric thrill ride could only be told now and could only be told by master storytellers like Dirscherl and Nash. An epic, never to be repeated and not to be missed.

FYI: Patrons received an ebook copy of Sanderson of Metro last week. See what you miss by not being a patron?

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My Giveaway is over. 20 People won copies of the River Bones eBook. So far, 15 of the 20 have claimed their prize. I suspect by this evening all will be claimed. So... Watch for my next giveaway. You could win.

I'm running a GIVEAWAY. 20 People can win! Yes, 20! See this #AmazonGiveaway for a chance to win: River Bones (Sara Mason Mysteries Book 1) (Kindle Edition). NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends the earlier of Nov 7, 2017 11:59 PM PST, or when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules

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A Daughter's Promise is a compelling memoir that follows author Fran Lewis' mother Ruth Swerdloff's journey after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and the affect that the disease had on Ruth, Fran, and their family.

Ruth and Fran take the reader on an emotional journey as they recount Ruth's difficult battle as the progression of the disease overtakes her life, and the tragic affect that it had on Fran as her primary caregiver.

As a retired nursing home administrator, I couldn't help but become captivated by this bittersweet story. In my twenty years of running nursing homes, I have watched many patients, families, and caregivers as they tried to navigate and deal with this heart wrenching disease as best as they possibly could.

A Daughter's Promise is a beautifully written and very moving memoir that documents the very sobering struggle that Ruth endured while battling the disease, and how Fran was determined to keep the promise of providing home care for Ruth instead of placing her in a nursing home. You can't help but feel compassion and empathy as Ruth's story unfolds, it will tug at your heartstrings as both Ruth and Fran's account of this devastating disease changed their lives. I would be remiss if I didn't mention how much I appreciated the very detailed information, facts, and website links that Fran provides the readers if they should ever find themselves facing this journey with their loved ones.

A Daughter's Promise is an amazing memoir that will tug at the heartstrings and stir the soul.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Providence Book Promotions.


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The Brede Chronicles - Book 1 - Review by Martha A Cheves, Author of: Stir, Laugh, Repeat; Think With Your Taste Buds; A Book and A Dish

Elektra Tate who, abandoned, grew up in the streets of New Cairo, probably all human thereby reducing her to the lowest strata of society; the proscribed citizens.  She lived as a child in Garbage City, the filthy area reserved for the poorest of the poor of New Cairo.  Garbage City resulted as overpopulation of the country escalated unrestrained in recent centuries causing its citizens to take refuge anywhere they could.  Her current abode was an ancient tomb in one of New Cairo's cemetery cities that even the residents of Garbage City avoided.  And then she meets.....

Alekzander Brede whose earth father and amphidian mother's marriage produced him with full citizen rights on each planet and most planets in between.  Any other rights he did not have he merely took.  There were others like him; perhaps not exactly the same mix but close enough to make them all humanoid, enhancing the economic state of New Cairo.  It also gave him a taste for earth women, the more human the better.

I've never been fond of futuristic books and I can't say that I've ever read a book that made me dislike one of the main characters as much as I found myself disliking Alekzander Brede.  His character is of a cruel man who enjoys hurting Elektra Tate more than anything else he does in life.  There were times I would wish the author would kill him off and bring in a better, more likable character.  Well, that didn't happen and I knew it wouldn't because this is the 1st book in a series of books titled The Brede Chronicles.  So, how is she going to make me like him, must a little?  Well, she did, but not until the end of the book and by the end I mean the last 2 pages!  And she did this in a way that I'm anticipating the reading of Book 2 and will impatiently be waiting for it to come out.

This book is FULL of action and a very hard book to put down!

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Snow Storm - Bobby Nash, Author

Snow Storm - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of: Stir, Laugh, Repeat; Think With Your Taste Buds; and A Book and A Dish

I got a call from a lawyer friend of mine.  I helped him track down some folks a few times and whenever he could, he tossed some business my way.  This one didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary.  This lady split with her husband and then she up and moves away, taking their now teenage daughter with her.  The dad, Anthony Mann needed someone to help find the kid so he could get in touch... I found the ex.  She changed her name, which was weird and set of a few alarm bells.  The daughter changed her last name as well.  At first I assumed the mother had remarried and the daughter had taken the new guy's name, but she never remarried.  Mom works for a manufacturing outfit based out of Texas and travels a lot for the job.  She owns a small home in Florida, but also keeps an apartment in Atlanta.  My guess is that's where the daughter's living these days.  I found out she was accepted to Georgia Tech.  I've not been there yet.  Something about this whole thing didn't sit right with me so I did a little digging into both the lady and her ex-husband before I did anything else.

Samson Brooks wasn't just someone Snow had worked with while undercover, he was also a close friend.  So, when he filled him in on his search for Katie Masters and informed him that her real name was Katie Manelli, Snow's ears perked up.  Turns out that she is the granddaughter of Antonio Manelli, one of the biggest mob leaders in the country.

As Brooks and Snow go to Atlanta to pick Katie up and take her to a safe place, they meet trouble of the mob kind. The problem is this mob isn't part of the Manelli family, but of their biggest rival the Roarke family.

In Snow Storm, you'll find bullets flying and plenty of action as Snow, Brooks, Snow's brother and grandfather all try to keep the two families from killing each other as well as Katie and her mother Pamela.  It has a few twists and turns that kept me reading not sure this could be accomplished.  I must say, this isn't a very lengthy book but it is one that I really enjoyed.  It also left me with enough information about Book 3 that I'm looking forward to diving into it soon.  I'll give you a hint - Daniella Cordoza will apparently be brought back into the story.  If you don't know who she is, read Book 1 - Snow Falls and you'll see why I'm excited about her appearance.

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Sharing Amazon stats for The Ka

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #374 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

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Like the habañera
If you’re writing fiction, you need to use metaphors and similes.  Why?  Because you need to develop memorable characters, characters that your readers can hardly wait to tell their friends about.  “You’ve got to read this book. You’ll (love, hate, laugh at, cry about, want to marry, want to kill—pick one) this character (supply name here).”
So, what do I mean by metaphors and similes in fiction?
“John had big ears.”  That’s not going to make John memorable. “John had large ears.”  Nope. No better.  “John had huge ears.”  A tiny bit better.  “John’s ears looked like weather balloons attached to his head.”  That’s a simile – comparing two things which are dissimilar items, such as comparing ears to weather balloons, and using the word “like” or “as.” Which description are you going to remember?  Sure, it’s a gross exaggeration, but it gets the idea across and in a way that will be remembered.
“Mano’s hand was a catcher’s mitt.”  That is a metaphor -- the comparison of two things that are in general not alike, without using “like” or “as.” The reader knows this guy didn’t really have a catcher’s mitt for a hand. But the reader knows very clearly, this guy had big hands, exceptionally big hands, beefy hands. Your reader will remember that feature about him. You, the author, can use that fact later in the book to good advantage. And guess what?  The reader will remember.

“Her eyes were like sapphires cut to catch the light and sparkle.”  Simile. (Her eyes were like…) “His eyes were lasers, the kind that cut through steel.” Metaphor.  (His eyes were …)  “He was only five feet tall, but his feet were as big as a seven-foot giant’s.” Simile.
In my latest mystery Over My Dead Body, I say, " ... Syd’s small, frame house, like a giant, square tumbleweed."  Simile.  In my book A Ton of Gold, I describe a woman's hair, " black and shiny as obsidian."  Simile. 
Can you overdo the use of metaphor and simile? You most certainly can. They should be like the habañera: not used on everything, and not used too much. (Simile.)
Remember, one of your goals is to develop memorable characters.  Similes and metaphors can help make a character memorable.

James R. Callan is a multi-published author in fiction and non-fiction. He regularly gives workshops on various aspects of writing at conferences across Texas, Mexico and, and online.


Cleansed by Fire and Over My Dead Body are available as Audio books, with five-time Emmy Award winner Jonathan Mumm narrating each book. To hear a sample of Cleansed by Fire just click here, and click on "Play Audio Sample". To hear a sample of Over My Dead Body just click here, and then click on "Play Audio Sample"

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Do you believe in ghosts? Rooney Fontaine doesn't—or didn't until one named Stuart Granger shows up in her hotel room. Now the humorous, yet desperate, apparition is begging her to find the men who murdered him before his brother becomes their next victim.

After serving three tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq, Stephan Granger is no stranger to risk and peril. When a woman shows up at his house rambling about ghosts, murder and assassins, his first inclination is to deem her wrong in the head and send her packing. But how does she know things that happened to him and his dear departed brother in their childhoods, secrets they never shared with anyone?

Soon after he invites her in to hear more about what really happened to Stuart, gunfire splits the air and shatters all the windows in the house. Someone is trying to kill them. Now they're on the run from assassins while trying to find out who killed his brother and why they want him dead too.


Even amid murder and mayhem, sometimes you find love






"Do you believe in ghosts? If so, A GHOST TO DIE FOR by Keta Diablo will have you captivated while the hero and heroine deal with the fracking company who killed the hero's brother. Great story."

"This is one paranormal with a terrific ghost."

"A really great story! I enjoyed the writing and the plot in A Ghost to Die For."

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Chapters - XIII

sleeping dogIt’s lazy of the local shopkeepers in Puerto Vallarta to close in the afternoons. I often needed to buy things during ‘siesta’ time-this should be banned.”

This brings up a topic of discussion I have with many people: when do you find time to write?

Well, for 16 years, I worked the night shift at various motels. 11p-7a. My weekends were whatever two days the supervisor scheduled. Usually, I would go home and if I needed to be up for class later that evening, I would go to sleep right away. If I had a free evening I would consider going outside to workout. Run, bike. When I lived at the campground for several months, my workout schedule was very erratic. When I moved to Carlisle, I discovered the high school was across the street so that meant the football field surrounded by the track. This made it easier to run in the mornings. There were times, on my days off when I would run late at night or in the wee hours. It was quiet and cool and nobody to bother me.

Now that I work for Gannett, I’ve had a lot of overtime. Sleep is precious. I’m often tired in the evenings even if I don’t work OT. Sleep has been an issue because many nights I can’t fall asleep when I want. I toss and turn, go out to the too short couch and doze, back to the bed, etc. I may not fall asleep for a couple hours. This makes me tired at work.

On weekends, I catch up on a bit of sleep. And on weekends, is when I usually write. Maybe I’ll do some in the evenings I’m free (I think Tuesday, for the most part is free a lot, unless I go to a writers’ critique group). Saturdays or Sundays are my writing days. I go out to a local park and sit in the shade at a picnic table and write.

I’m working on a collaborative story. I have been waking up and going into work early and spending a few minutes on Google Drive editing this story. Sometimes it works, but with that OT, not often.

Sleep. Sometimes I want to write, but I know sleep demands attention. A nap is in order. Otherwise, I’d feel like I was trying to force the words and I wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

How about you? How does your sleep schedule affect your writing?

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Flights of Fancy
Dawn L. Huffaker
Lulu (October 15, 2009)

Flights of Fancy is a collection of poetry representing New Mexico poet Dawn Huffaker’s best work from the past twenty-five years.

The author has divided the ninety or so selections into six chapters, or flights, as she calls them. Straight away it is apparent that Huffaker loves nature, her friends, and her family and of course the New Mexico Mountains, as all have inspired her creations.

In the first flight entitled Magical Seasons, sixteen poems are offered marking the differences in weather and the emotional effects of the four seasons. These poems are filled with youthful enthusiasm as I’m sure many were written during high school years. Next is Life’s Wonder’s. Sixteen poems about college, growing up, and relationships with those kept close. Emotional Trips has a personal feel, as she visits basic emotions such joy, anger, and grief. Nature Interludes takes an up close look at Mother Nature’s greatest masterpieces from the moon and stars, mountains and moonlight to butterflies, storms, and floods. Huffaker gives thanks to God in the fifth Chapter, Universal Reveries. In the final flight, Word Paintings, the author wraps up the collection with six titles that wouldn’t easily fit into any of the other chapters with poetry about aquariums, balloons, and postage stamps.

Huffaker has done a wonderful job formatting her book with intricate designs framing each page and beautiful black and white photography gracing chapter introductions.

Her work is observational. She describes the world around her with no wasted words, and without using poetic devices that could suggest multiple interpretations. No simile or metaphor to cloud her meaning. She delivers her message without irony or symbolism to alter the impact of her words. This is free verse in every sense with mild use of rhyme and even less rhythm. Many of the poems here are simple acronym poetry that took me back to my first exposure to writing poetry in early grade school. An example:


Just a time when
One person or thing takes
You to heaven and back again.

Dawn Huffaker has a definite passion for poetry. One can easily see the joy and comfort that writing brings to her life. I recommend Flights of Fancy to those who enjoy their poetry down-to-earth and to the point.

By William Potter for Reader’s Choice Book Reviews

Available at

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Actor Jake Dudman selected as narrator for The Rite of Wands audiobook

BHC Press announced September 21, 2017 they have entered into a five-book publishing agreement with YA author Mackenzie Flohr. The Rite of Abnegation, the second book in The Rite of Wands series, will be released under the agreement with a 2018 publication date and tells the tale of Mierta McKinnon, a young wizard.

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