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Street Dog Dreams

3681576516?profile=RESIZE_710xStreet Dog Dreams by Genie Gabriel is an excellent book. If you're partial to dogs or if you love stories that favor the "underdog" who overcomes adversity, then this is the book for you. The human characters, including the dogs, are memorable and some are adorable. Like many stories, including real life situations, good at times must overcome the evilness that infringes upon their space. This is the book for all, no matter your political favor/background.
The story takes place Sardinia, Italy in the twenty-first century. Horace and Maddie Ainsworth seek a new dogdom for Royal Canines, who's planet Candid was destroyed. They've been staying with the Horace and Mattie at their castle in Oregon since the Royal Canines' space craft had crash-landed on Earth. They learn of houses selling for one Euro in Sardinia. Horace, an inventor, and his wife, a time machine adventurer, fly to Sardinia on a commercial airplane to buy a house and property for a new dogdom. Perilous predicaments occur that could destroy the Ainsworth and the Royal Canines' dream and hopes for a dog sanctuary on the island of Sardinia. The story line is unpredictable with evil doers and dog lovers clashing with each other. The characters, both human and canine, are real and memorable. The ending is…you'll have to read Street Dog Dreams to find out.

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Just some updates


I recently published my latest collection of short fiction and poetry, Once Upon a Dark and Eerie...

It's an ebook of fantasy and sci-fi fiction and dark poetry.







Once Upon a Dark and Eerie...  

Snippets, sonnets and stories to make you shiver. 

A morbid and morose collection of tales designed to scare, dismay and leave you wondering.  Open the pages into worlds of horror, dark fantasy, and satire, where things creep in shadowy corners, where they like to hear you scream. 

Once Upon a Dark and Eerie... will show you it isn’t safe in space, why fairy tales, clowns and rubber duckies are more than what they seem and why you should lock your doors in the dark.



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Updates and Recommendations.

Just a quick post to tell everyone the latest news and to add a few book recommendations for the Holiday season. My two new books, Shadows of Poetry and Passing Fancies, are now available.




Shadows of Poetry:Wanted: Readers of the grim, the sorrowful, and unhappy endings.Poetry written for the blackness in your soul.Wrenching, dismal, bleak verse for those who want to walk on the dark side.No sappy, cheerful love poems allowed.

Shadows of Poetry on Amazon





Passing Fancies: From tiny tales to gripping stories, come frolic in the land of unexpected short fiction.Take delight in the saga of werewolves, vengeful gods, and virtual reality. Thrill to accounts of murder most strange, quiver as mummies, ghosts, and demons walk.See the end of the world and the beginning of space. Stroll the pages of imagination.

Passing Fancies on Amazon







And that ends the shameless promotion part of our program. On to the book recommendations!

As some of you may know I review books on my blog from time to time, so I'm sharing some of my finds this month around the World Wide Web.


The Sam Harper Series:

-Silenced Cry by Marta Stephens

-The Devil Can Wait by Marta Stephens

These two books are are excellent police procedures.

-Avenging Angel: A Shannon Wallace Mystery by Kim Smith

I'm still reading this one, but it has been a delight so far. The author has a second book in this series coming out soon and has written two other books that have gotten rave reviews.


-Haunted Marietta by Rhetta Akamatsu

A non-fiction history book, that mixes in tales of ghosts. From my review- "This book is one part history lesson, one part ghost story and one part paranormal primer, stirred into a delightfully entertaining read."

Here are two from my want-to-read list:-Thunder and Blood by Stacey Voss

Sisters, vampires and portals to another world.

-Angel Of Death: Book One of the Chosen by Karen Dales

"The Vampires of London are being murdered and only the Angel of Death can save them."

YA Fantasy:

-The Kirin Trilogy by James Priest

I reviewed the first two books in this series; very charming.

-Goneaway: Book I Into the Land by Jeffery B. Allen.

An excellent book for young, and old, adults.


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