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Murder in Marin County

Murder in Marin County, A Jack Brubaker Novel (You Don't Know Jack / Book 1) by Derek Wade is a murder mystery about a private investigator, Jack Brubaker. If you merge the deductive reasoning ability of a Mike Hammer and the crazy. humous antics of a Martin Riggs, you have private detective Jack Brubaker, who's in his mid-thirties. His detective agency called Brubaker Agency is in Sausalito, California. Add his dog Charley, which is short for Charlene. Brubaker stated: She has long blonde hair and four long legs, and she knows how to use them. Then there is his boat: Suzanne is my boat, the first boat that I have ever owned. She is strong but nimble, stout but graceful. She has a very light helm and easily follows my direction. The reader will be propelled through a maze of harrowing events encompassing murder, danger, a missing woman, a missing husband. The perpetual roller coaster ride of mystery and suspense ends with a satisfying climax.
The variety of characters encountered by Brubaker are memorable, incorporating a well-plotted story. The humor of Jack Brubaker enlightens almost every scene.
I recommend Murder in Marin County for all genre readers. You won't be disappointed. Reviewed by G. L. Didaleusky, author of mystery/suspense novels.


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