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Butterfly Lake and happy reader reviews

Looking for that weekend thriller, a cozy read to wrap your head around and escape? Butterfly Lake is the story for you!

The talk and the story.

Butterfly Lake, a Rob Marrino thriller  Robert J. Saniscalchi (Goodreads Author) Dianne's review 4-Stars

"BUTTERFLY LAKE, by Robert J. Saniscalchi is another great action-thriller that no only showcases a parent's worst nightmare, but the strength and trust of two warriors to save the day against all odds. Dialogue that feels real, a family in crisis and one father doing what we all wish we could do to save his child. But at what cost to everyone involved?"

Matt McAvoy's review 4-Stars Mar 09, 2020

"Butterfly Lake is a good, inoffensive yet gripping, quality thriller, and it will keep you engrossed for the entirety of its relatively short word count; you could very easily read this book in one day or evening, and a very entertaining evening it will be, too. Whether it is action you like, drama, decent-natured people rallying to stop really bad guys, or you just want to spend a few hours imagining the wonder of the North American countryside, I'm certain you can find something in Butterfly Lake which you'll enjoy, and I would therefore not see any reason not to recommend it to pretty much anybody. A good book, and I enjoyed reading it a great deal."


We Award 5 Stars To Author Robert J. Saniscalchi For His Action Adventure: Butterfly Lake
"I encourage you thrill seekers to pick up this book. Realistic characters, great dialog and a well written action adventure will keep you turning the page. You will not want to put this book down. I am looking forward to the next book in this adventure series."


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Rob was cruising along enjoying some Rolling Stones on his eight-track tape player when he heard a faint but familiar sound, coming from behind him. He lowered the volume and recognized the blaring of a police siren, getting louder as it headed his way. He followed protocol and pulled to the right lane, then slowed. A check of his rearview revealed the flashing lights, directly behind him now. He turned for a quick look and noticed a small, black foreign car blurring past him at a ridiculously high speed, followed by another blur of color as the state police followed in hot pursuit. “Capcom, Capcom, this is Sigma. Copy?” Rob said into his radio. “We’ve got a high-speed pursuit in progress. State police are tracking a small, black sports sedan. Vehicles are westbound on I-80, just past Mile Marker 42. I am going to assist. Copy?” “We copy that, Sigma. We just received word that the troopers are in pursuit of drug suspects. Be advised, they may be armed. Backup is on the way.”
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