My Life For Her (enhanced edition)

My Life For Her (enhanced edition)

The just released fictional thriller, the enhanced edition  of My Life For Her, is a story about Vietnam veteran Rob Marrino, who becomes a small town cop. Everything is peaceful in his sleepy little town until in the blink of an eye, Rob finds himself back in the thick of things with his partner in adventure Tex Larson. This book is also a story of love, undying faith, drama and humanity. The new Enhanced Edition has some added content and editing that add to the story. 

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4.0 out of 5 stars Thrill Ride

  1. E. February 12, 2019

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“My Life for Her by Robert J. Saniscalchi is a heartwarming story about a Vietnam veteran. Rob Marino is a veteran turned small town cop in this book that starts off slowly, but builds in excitement and tension as the story moves forward. Rob could never possibly envision how his life evolves as the unexpected happens, and his chance involvement with the Colombian cartel takes a dangerous turn, as Rob's wife is kidnapped in retaliation. This is a well rounded story that pulls you in pretty much right from the start, and what may appear to be a bland story in the beginning builds into a solid plot with plenty of action and intrigue. Overall, an interesting book with good characters, a fast pace and a story that keeps you interested until the end. A must read not only for its compelling story but for the focus on Vietnam veterans and the bond they share. Solid recommendation”


4.0 out of 5 stars‘ Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.’ General George S. Patton

Grady Harp, February 19

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

New Jersey born author Robert Saniscalchi returns to his 2010 debut novel with editorial enhancement by Autumn Conley and portions of the book embellished for the progress of the story. He subsequently published BULLETS AND BANDAGES (inspired by his older brother who was a field medic Vietnam 68-69) and FREEEDOM’S LIGHT (addressing the wars in Afghanistan). Now MY LIFE FOR HER is placed before readers as a more polished novel that reflects the impact of the Vietnam War and the interaction of a veteran as a policeman fighting the drug cartels.

Not having read the original book, which apparently cried for a rewrite, this reader found the story intense and involving and a fine speedy read. Will we ever reach a period when previous wars do not permanently impact both veterans and their families as in PTSD et al? Likely not until wars go away. We go on.

Robert is a published author, writer and reader of the known and unknown. He has a passion for using his imagination, and writing from his heart to create stories his readers enjoy. Robert is the author of the acclaimed books- The original story that is- Bullets and Bandages, the fictional thriller now in enhanced edition-My Life,For Her, and his newest story- Freedom's Light. Robert enjoys the great outdoors, he truly believes, "The best things in life are free.” Robert is an active member of a variety of online writing and reading communities. He invites you to visit his author's webpage at <a href=""></a>