Serpents and Doves

G. Lloyd Helm’s Serpents and Doves takes you on a journey through the mid-sixties during the turbulent times of the Viet Nam War protests throughout the United States, especially college campuses. Stephen Mitchell, a recent high school graduate from California, enrolls at a southern bible college. His naivety, inexperience with females, confrontation with racism and bigotry, and death during his freshman year changes his innocence. It’s an life-learning experience transitioning a boy into a young man.
The characters are genuine and believable. I can relate to Stephen Mitchell on many of his issues, since I was a college student during this period of flower children, free love, hippies, campus war protests, and long hair and beards. A well-written and realistic historical-type novel all genre readers and generations will enjoy and gain a prospective of what was going on during the mid-sixties in the United States.