Street Dog Dreams

3681576516?profile=RESIZE_710xStreet Dog Dreams by Genie Gabriel is an excellent book. If you're partial to dogs or if you love stories that favor the "underdog" who overcomes adversity, then this is the book for you. The human characters, including the dogs, are memorable and some are adorable. Like many stories, including real life situations, good at times must overcome the evilness that infringes upon their space. This is the book for all, no matter your political favor/background.
The story takes place Sardinia, Italy in the twenty-first century. Horace and Maddie Ainsworth seek a new dogdom for Royal Canines, who's planet Candid was destroyed. They've been staying with the Horace and Mattie at their castle in Oregon since the Royal Canines' space craft had crash-landed on Earth. They learn of houses selling for one Euro in Sardinia. Horace, an inventor, and his wife, a time machine adventurer, fly to Sardinia on a commercial airplane to buy a house and property for a new dogdom. Perilous predicaments occur that could destroy the Ainsworth and the Royal Canines' dream and hopes for a dog sanctuary on the island of Sardinia. The story line is unpredictable with evil doers and dog lovers clashing with each other. The characters, both human and canine, are real and memorable. The ending is…you'll have to read Street Dog Dreams to find out.

​​​I graduated from Wayne State University with a secondary education degree in Unified Science and a minor in English. I then graduated from University of Detroit-Mercy with a Physician Assistant degree. Life experiences and an overactive imagination motivates my passion for writing. My previous published novels are three medical mystery novels by Rogue Phoenix Press, Frozen Death (2009), Sudden Blindness (2014), Strange Appearance (2016). And a collage of short stories, The Strange Horizon (2017). Strange, a mystery/suspense novel (June 15, 2018). I live in Florida with my wife, Holly.