TALISMANIC by Pierre V. Comtois takes bachelor Glenn Springer, an office manager for an accountant firm in downtown Boston, to his newly purchased rural chicken farm in Bingham, Maine. The early nineteenth century farmhouse, originally owned by Nathanael Winsor, a Revolutionary War veteran, contains an old locket on a chain hidden in a wall. Will the clandestine relic change Glenn’s life? This suspense novel carries you through ancient Indian lore to the final truth of the locket’s significance and power.

Glenn meets GrIzelle Beaumarchais, a single woman and owner of Tucked Away Antiques in Bingham. He immediately is attracted to her beauty, intelligence and tenacity.

The transition from scene to scene and chapter to chapter holds your interests, wanting you to know what will happen next. Comtois creates a story with believable and well-developed characters, intriguing plot and subplots that propel you to the climatic ending. Reviewed by G. L. Didaleusky, author of mystery/suspense novels.