3630421490?profile=RESIZE_710xHello everyone! It has been a while since I've been here. Sorry for my absence. I've been pretty busy with my marketing and writing. I've accomplished a lot this year. I'm so proud of myself! Since changing my pen name, I wanted to keep all of my books under one name so I've been rewriting all of them that have been published under my original name. I managed to redo Peterson Estate, giving it the series it was intended for. I had full permission from the first publisher so I didn't have trouble getting that done. And then published 3 more books to the series. 2 of which were published this year! For some reason, Cursed Blood wasn't as easy getting republished. I had to rewrite it from scrach making it a new story but it was finished and released this year, along with the sequel for it. I had to tweek the title a little but that wasn't as hard lol. I've been writing a new book called the Dead Life. I am editing it right now and it will be released next year.


As for the marketing aspect of my work, I've been heavily posting on FB and Instagram. A post here and there on LinkedIn. And of course, on Twitter which is tied with FB and Instagram. I've tried a few other sites but they aren't as good as those so that's limited. I'll be starting a podcast in October. I already have the first episode done, it just needs to be loaded up for everyone to hear. It is short but to the point, something to give my listeners an idea of who I am. Mother of the Dragons is now on audio which I'm excited about. I am in the process of getting two more books done on ACX, the first of which is Cursed Blood: Bloodline Curse (the rewrite) and it's sequel shortly after (same narrator for those two books). After that, I will be narrating my own books so that's exciting.


Also, on the first, I will be traveling again. My husband and I miss our friends so we're going to be going around visiting them. Then back to Fort Wayne where I will be waiting for my third grand baby to be born in Feb. So that part of my life has been busy too lol. 


Anyway, I'd like to share a link for those who are interested in listening to Mother of the Dragons. If you love it, please let me know. If you don't like it please let me know so I can make the next book better! Thank you so much!!!!



I was bullied growing up. Because of this, I relied on my imagination to get through things. Then I discovered writing and fell in love with the idea of being a writer. Been at it ever since. If I can touch a soul, help them get through their problem and bring a little sunshine to their life, my pain will have been worth it.