Bombay Trilogy, the trailer

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At six, she saved the family from bandits. Now, how far will Shiva go to protect her own children from harm they inflict on themselves? 
Bombay Trilogy follows the Sambashivan family from the author's previous novels (Shiva's Arms, Rescuing Ranu, and Kalpavriksha) in an epic retelling of their cultural heritage. The characters, from the aforementioned bandit-killing matriarch to siblings who rise above the demands of blood; from a daughter who adopts an orphan of questionable origin to a cousin who marries an 'unsuitable' bride; and from an auntie who inherits her sister's life to newlyweds with separate agendas for their future-- all cycle through decades of personal and societal change, only to find themselves, in the sprawl of this meditation on the nature of kinship, stranded at the intersection of individuation and duty, forever trying to find the way home.

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